Galaxy Mighty Mow Extra Heavy Duty Turf Safe Lawn Tires

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Galaxy Mighty Mow Tire Size: 16x6.50-8 Mighty Mow (Load Range B)
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The extraordinary Mighty Mow Turf and Lawn Mower Tires by Galaxy are remarkable and have taken the world of golf course and residential lawncare by storm. Earning rave reviews and admiration nationwide with their exceptional performance and unmatched durability, Mighty Mow turf tires have become the go-to choice for those who seek perfection in their turf care.

Designed with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, Mighty Mow Turf Tires effortlessly glide through any terrain, leaving a trail of impeccably manicured lawns in their wake. Their innovative tread pattern ensures superior traction, providing optimal grip on both dry and wet surfaces. From lush fairways to sprawling landscapes, these tires deliver exceptional control and maneuverability, allowing golf courses to achieve flawlessly trimmed greens and enviable playing surfaces.

If you're seeking the pinnacle of turf care, look no further than the Mighty Mow Turf and Lawn Mower Tires—the tire that sets the standard and leaves its competition in awe. Experience the difference and join the ranks of those who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

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  • Gentle on lawns and golf course friendly
 Tire Size Load PSI Ply Rating Tread Depth Overall Diameter
16x6.50-8 617 lbs 28 4 Ply 9/32 16" tall
18x8.50-8 827 lbs 22 4 Ply 9/32
18" tall
18x9.50-8 22 4 Ply 9/32 18" tall
20x10.00-8 1,201 lbs 22 4 Ply 9/32
20" tall
18x8.50-10 827 lbs 22 4 ply 9/32 18" tall
18x10.50-10 994 lbs 20 4 ply 10/32 18" tall
20x10.00-10 1,433 lbs 22 6 Ply 10/32
20" tall
20x12.00-10 22 4 ply 10/32 20" tall
22x11.00-10 22 4 Ply 22" tall
23x8.50-12 1,433 lbs 34 6 ply 11/32 23" tall
23x10.50-12 1,764 lbs 32
6 Ply 12/32
23" tall
24x12.00-12 1,709 lbs 20 4 Ply 12/32
24" tall
26x12.00-12 2,790 lbs 44 8 Ply 12/32
26" tall


Lawn maintenance crews have found their dream companion in Mighty Mow Turf and Lawn Mower Tires. Even in the face of challenging terrains, these tires rise above the rest, effortlessly tackling slopes, uneven ground, and even damp conditions. Their sturdy construction and reinforced sidewalls ensure maximum stability, minimizing the risk of slippage and ensuring a smooth mowing experience every time. With reduced downtime and increased efficiency, maintenance crews can complete their tasks with ease and precision.

Homeowners, too, have fallen head over heels for the Mighty Mow Turf and Lawn Mower Tires. Whether you have a small suburban yard or a vast estate, these tires provide the perfect balance of power and finesse. Say goodbye to unsightly ruts and bumpy rides—these tires glide effortlessly across your lawn, leaving behind a velvety carpet-like finish. With their durability and resistance to wear and tear, you can trust that they will withstand the test of time, ensuring a beautifully maintained lawn for years to come.

The admiration for Mighty Mow Turf and Lawn Mower Tires extends far and wide, with customers hailing their performance as nothing short of legendary. Golf courses applaud their ability to elevate their greens to championship standards, maintenance crews appreciate their dependability, and homeowners revel in the envy-inducing perfection of their lawns.

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Great Decision

Couldn’t be happier that I went with these tires for my lawn tractor. Major upgrade from the manufacturer’s tires.

Jonathan Hampton
Great Decision

Couldn’t be happier that I went with these tires for my lawn tractor. Major upgrade from the manufacturer’s tires.