YOUR BEST CHOICE FOR MAINTENANCE VEHICLE TIRES, GOLF CART TIRES, LAWNMOWER TIRES & TURF TIRES has what you need to get you back up and running. We are a small, family-owned business in the Midwest (South Bend, IN) and we truly LOVE keeping our customers moving.


After selling thousands of lawnmower tires and golf cart tires in the retail world, in 2020 we stepped back and took a break. In 2022 some tire manufacturers knocked on our door (by way of phone call) and asked if we would consider selling their tires once again. After some consideration, we boldly crafted our new service with an incredible product selection and unbeatable service.


Please Note: We can't claim to have unbeatable prices only because we are positive there is always Johnny or Jane out there somewhere selling old tires out of their garage that will not be able to provide you any support when needed.



Why should you shop with LAWNSTUFF?




FAST. ⚡️

We work tirelessly to get you answers and information quickly. We have a high sense of urgency when it comes to fulfilling your orders so that you have limited downtime. 



We are a friendly bunch that loves a personal touch - an actual phone call. We are accessible via text for those who prefer that method but sometimes nothing beats a phone call. When we run into an order issue, the way we addres it is by calling our valued customer to inform them honestly - not dodging the issue with an informal email. Our friendly customer service is what got us where we are today and it will keep us going!



Tires are a technical product. We take pride in getting the most accurate information when it's needed most. We love putting our hands on tires, inspecting them, feeling how they ride and mounting them on wheels. You may find a cheap tire somewhere else. We don't want to provide just cheap tires for our customers. If you want high-quality products, with support by people who have actually mounted thousands of tires and wheels first-hand - stick with LAWNSTUFF.