B2B Tax Exempt Form

We sell a ton of tires to fellow businesses! Landscaping companies, golf courses, parks and recreation departments, universities, and other companies that have a fleet of vehicles that take variety of lawn tires and specialty tires.

Simply fill out the form below or email us your your tax exempt paperwork at sales@lawnstuff.com. We will get you set up as a tax exempt account and you will be saving money in no time!


Why do we need your tax exemption paperwork?

Great question. If the government audits us and asks us why we didn't collect taxes for our fellow business to business transactions, we need to be able to provide proof that you are a tax exempt organization. Whether you are a dealer and are going to re-sell items purchased from our store and collect taxes on your end or you're looking to install them onto your business equipment or vehicle thats none of our business. It's your business! We just have to make sure we are covered when the big man comes knocking.